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Valuation & Surveying

The Bournemouth Valuation & Surveying Practice

There Is No Substitute For Qualified Professional Advice, Particularly In The Home Buying Process

A little investment at an early stage can produce beneficial reward in the longer term. Significant defects can be rectified or allowed-for in the buying process. On receipt of the report, the client is aware and in control.


Valuation is not a science but an art taking into account relevant economic, location, condition and spatial characteristics. Knowing the property market and interpreting trends provides the tools for a balanced assessment of financial value at a specific period in time.

Valuations can be prepared for a number of purposes, including:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Loan Security
  • Matrimonial Settlement
  • Mediation
  • Court Expert Advice
  • Tax Calculations
  • Balance Sheet Statements
  • Investment Portfolios
  • And more…………

Our reports are tailored to individual needs.

Estate Development Appraisals can be carried out for Clients at both pre-planning and pre-marketing stages.

Home Condition Reports

The Home Condition report is a new initiative being introduced by the RICS identifying basic condition of residential property but without any valuation advice.

HomeBuyer Report & Valuation

The Homebuyer Report is now the standard RICS sponsored pre-purchase report identifying significant matters likely to affect a buyer in the decision process.

Condition Report

A new report service promoted by the RICS intended to highlight the overall condition of the building pre-purchase or sale in a concise form. There is no valuation attached.

Building Survey

(Previously known as a Structural Survey)

A detailed bespoke report on the visible structure of the building often with the benefit of additional service and specialist investigative reports. The Building Survey can be limited to specific areas and/or elements of structure dependant on the precise instructions taken.

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“Having bought and sold many times, it is refreshing to find such helpful service from the Slades team. Chris is now managing our “pension fund” and we are so pleased”.

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