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Wimborne: Live in an historically important Dorset town

Wimborne: Live in an historically important Dorset town

There is a tendency in this day and age for everything to move at a breakneck speed and for things to be constantly updated and changed to meet modern demands. However, there are still some areas of the country where this sort of whirlwind of activity has yet to set in, where the past is embraced and culture is still very much an important part of life.

For those who have the chance to live in one of these regions, it can mean enjoying a more peaceful life in some of the most beautiful settings around, with a chance to learn about the past added into the mix. This is particularly true for those who look at property for sale in Wimborne.

The town is located in Dorset and has just 6,000 residents approximately. This means streets and roads are quiet, and makes for a community-led quiet area to live in peace.

However, it is the planning policy that really makes the town what it is. Wimborne restricts the building of new homes in many of its streets, which has meant the restoration and retention of many of the older buildings already there.

This has given it the finest collection of 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th century constructions anywhere in Dorset and indeed England as a whole. Living among this gives you a real feel for how life used to be and makes for a fantastic setting to be surrounded by.

For those looking for something additional, the culture of the town should be enough to entice them to live in Wimborne.

For example, another historical nod comes in the shape of the town crier, a civil war tradition that is still continued on weekends and holidays. The area also has a civil war re-enactment society.

The chance to get out and meet neighbours might also be something that many people consider, and this can be discovered when you look at the local market. Buy goods sourced from areas nearby and become part of the community on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every weekend.

Other culturally important times in the calendar for residents of this Dorset beauty spot include its annual Bonfire Night display, the longest fireworks show in the county.

On top of this, the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival is held each year, as it has been since 1980, celebrating rural music and dancing.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801569991-ADNFCR

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