29 Aug

What might put potential buyers off making a purchase?

What might put potential buyers off making a purchase?

Many of us are looking to move house and are therefore going all out to make sure our property is looking its best at all times.

However, a new study has found that some factors outside of a homeowner's control also put some prospective buyers off making a purchase.

Of course, there is little that sellers can do if, say, a property is not located close to a top-rated school or a main road.

But a new survey commissioned by Ocean Finance has found that it is not just practical considerations that are affecting how prospective buyers think.

For instance, 30 per cent of respondents said they would be deterred from putting in an offer if a home was located close to the scene of a serious crime. 

Meanwhile, the same proportion said they might be reluctant to buy if somebody had died in the property recently and 23 per cent of respondents stated that they would be put off if the home was located close to a graveyard.

However, morbid concerns are not the only deterrents that are having an effect on the behaviour of would-be buyers.

For example, 13 per cent said they would be put off buying a house if a street or village name sounded rude, while nearly seven per cent did not want to live somewhere with a long address or one that was difficult to spell.

Others were swayed by superstitious concerns, with 8.9 per cent of respondents not wanting to live in house number 13. Finally, 11 per cent admitted to being reluctant to buy on a street if the address carried negative personal associations, such as sharing a name with an ex-partner.

While these worries might seem irrational and extremely frustrating to sellers who are keen to move on, the findings are a reminder that it is not just issues such as size, price and proximity to schools, transport links and work that have an influence on people's thoughts.

With this in mind, it might be worth preparing in advance of any viewings if the house you want to sell might possibly create concerns for some.
So, if your home is located close to where a crime took place, why not have a look at the UK crime map so you can give people a more accurate and representative idea of the situation in the surrounding area?

Alternatively, why not talk up the potential that a property has to be revamped? This could prove important if someone viewing a home gets a negative aura off the place.

Some 26 per cent of participants in the survey said they experienced an aura when they last viewed a house or apartment, with almost a quarter of these people saying it was negative.

Many of those who felt an aura went ahead and decided to make a purchase anyway, but opted to redecorate the property once they moved in.

Seeding this idea in prospective buyers' heads when they are viewing a home might therefore be worthwhile, so they instantly have ideas on how it could be done up to meet their unique requirements and create a different vibe.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801745438-ADNFCR

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