31 Jan

Wells: Steeped in historic sights to see

Wells: Steeped in historic sights to see

A lot of people, when they are getting towards the end of their working life, and edging toward retirement, will be looking for somewhere quieter and less hectic to live in order that they can relax after they have had a long career.

Also, on top of this, many will feel that a new location which gives them a chance to indulge in some new activities or further a current hobby will be something that they prefer, in order that they can keep themselves active and not feel like they are just sitting around.

In the UK then, one of the favourite pastimes for a lot of people involves visiting some of the country's most significant historic sites, such as castles, cathedrals and ruins of all manner of old buildings and structures which allow a look at the rich history the country has to offer.

People who are looking for property for sale in Wells can find just this sort of activity in the Somerset location. Wells is a cathedral city which is located in the Mendip region. It is the country's second smallest city, behind the City of London.

Without doubt, the most attractive features of Wells are its many historic building, which may be a draw for history fans. These include the cathedral, palace and church, all enclosed in a walled precinct.

The town also plays host to some cultural annual occurrences. For those who like to do something a little different, the town plays host every year to the Wells Film Festival. This festival plays some older, less well known and historical films which make it quite unique, and a draw again for those who like history.

And if you need to get away from the city for a while, it is well situated for those wish to visit Bath or Glastonbury.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801279761-ADNFCR

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