8 Aug

Top tips to avoid summer crime spree

Top tips to avoid summer crime spree

We are often told that the darker nights and colder weather often lead to an increase in burglaries across the winter months in the UK, with more houses being hit when it is obvious that residents are not home. However, this is not to say that you should not be stringent throughout the rest of the year.

In fact, one of the most common times of the year for properties to be burgled is actually the summer. Homes are often empty for longer periods of time, whether residents are off for a couple of weeks in the sun or just enjoying a day away at an attraction with the kids, and this gives thieves extra time to carry out crimes. So do you know the best way to stave off the risks of being another victim?

Lock the doors

Even if you are home, making sure that all of the doors are locked at all times is a good way to lower the risk of being a victim. Burglary is an act that is often carried out on an opportune basis, so don't give thieves a chance to make a quick in and out grab by leaving your door unlocked.

Don't show off

If you have windows that overlook a street or pathway, you need to make sure you are very vigilant with what you leave in sight of those who are walking past. Expensive laptops, ornaments and other items on display may be all it takes for an unscrupulous character to try to relieve you of your possessions and leave you out of pocket.

Tell the neighbours

If you are going away on holiday, let your neighbours know so that they can keep an eye on your house. You might even want to give them a key so they can check your home over occasionally. This can be a great deterrent, as many criminals will watch for signs of an empty home, and will be put off as a result if they see people coming and going regularly.

Burglar alarms

This sounds quite obvious, but it is one of the most effective solutions around. Burglars hate confrontation and will do anything they can to get in and out without anyone noticing. Any risk of setting off an alarm will always turn them away. One important thing to note, though, is to make sure you fit a real alarm - most career criminals will spot a dummy box from a mile away.

Replace the door

Perhaps a less obvious option, but one that can be just as useful. A quarter of all burglaries are as a result of a lock being forced open. This is much easier for criminals if your door is old or weak, as it will not pose much of a challenge for them. A newer and more sturdy door will act as an effective deterrent.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801622795-ADNFCR

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