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Tips for landlords during summer

Tips for landlords during summer

As the warm summer days approach, many prospective tenants may be opting to view properties that offer a relaxing place to sit out in or enjoy a BBQ with friends.

Therefore, it may be beneficial for landlords to do a little work on their property's grounds before putting it on the rental market, as well as making sure they look after their investment as the weather hots up.

First impressions count

For many potential renters, the first impression will be key in them deciding whether they can imagine themselves living there or if they will move on to the next property on the list instead.

Therefore landlords should consider taking a few steps to make sure their showcase their property in the best light.

This could include tackling that faded paintwork that may be making the property looking a little unloved compared to the neighbour's.  It is key to remember that aesthetics are a major contributor to a prospective tenant's perception of a home's suitability and any wear and tear should be dealt with as quickly as possible to avoid a negative impression.

Do some basic garden maintenance

Before wannabe tenants arrive, landlords should ensure any lawn areas have freshly mowed grass. Remember during the summer months that flowers, plants and weeds will all shoot up, so regular maintenance will help ensure things are looking their best and the property does not look neglected or out of control.

It is also worth noting that recent research from AA Home Membership revealed that more than half of people have had a wasp nest in their home - so landlords should take some time to check there is not any unwanted visitors staying on their properties before a tenant moves in.

The AA survey found that the nests were most common in the north-east and less likely in the south-west.

Keep an eye out for cracks and subsidence

Landlords should ensure they keep an eye out for any possible cracks or erosion that can result as a combination of wet weather and high temperatures.

A sudden summer downpour followed by sunshine, can mean that some buildings may absorb water that is then heated - causing unsightly cracks to appear.

It is worth landlords making sure they give their properties the once over during summer to double-check there is no evidence of possible problems - otherwise in the long term it could have serious implications if not tackled immediately.

Consider giving advice on fire risks

The majority of people enjoy a barbecue on a nice summer day but for some landlords it can present a very real fire risk. Therefore, landlords should consider giving their tenants some advice on how to reduce the potential risk.

Landlords should even consider offering a special barbecue area if possible that is away from the home and offers a flat service to reduce the risk of flames spreading.

Although the responsibility lies with the tenant, the landlord is required to take steps to ensure they have proper fire precautions in place.  ADNFCR-1222-ID-801731981-ADNFCR

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