10 Jun

Those seeking to buy property 'need increased assistance'

Those seeking to buy property 'need increased assistance'

People keen to purchase property in the UK require increased support, it has been suggested.

According to John Slaughter, policy director for the Home Builders Federation, the new government needs to ensure that planning policy for residences has a "more flexible definition" of what constitutes an affordable dwelling.

This would mean a greater range of options would be delivered to consumers, he noted.

Mr Slaughter added: "We have always been clear that affordable solutions should be seen as a flexible concept, including a whole range of intermediate and low-cost market options."

He made his remarks in the wake of a speech given by the new housing minister Grant Shapps.

The politician said more abodes need to be constructed in order to create an "age of aspiration" for potential first-time buyers.

According to Mr Shapps, it is human nature to desire shelter and security and for many this means owning the roof that is over their heads.

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