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The importance of fibre broadband

The importance of fibre broadband

Anyone planning to sell or rent a property could find the availability of fibre broadband makes it much more attractive.

Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and people are no longer content with dial-up internet access and buyers, as well as renters, are demanding that any potential new home is able to access a high-speed broadband connection.

Many property listings now display what kind of connection is available because it is becoming a must have feature - especially as since the growth in use of smartphones, tablets, mp3 players and TV streaming platforms.

Those with work at home will also require good internet speeds so they can keep in touch with the office or hold video conferencing calls with clients.

The government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) initiative is making use of £2.5 billion worth of public funds to lay fibre optic networks all over the country, with the overall target of the ongoing scheme to connect 95 per cent of the UK by 2017 so it could eventually mean the majority of homes are connected but what about those that aren't yet?

Talk to BT

BT is rapidly expanding its fibre network across the country and has undertaken more privately-funded rollouts than any other communications company.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to check a property's current fibre status is to head to BT's Openreach microsite. Landlords and homeowners can enter their postcode to see if they are currently covered by a network.

If the area a home is in is yet to be connected, the owner can track down an as up-to-date as possible estimation of when it will be upgraded to high-speed services.

Impact on value?

Recent research from Rightmove found that a lack of superfast broadband may result in a 20 per cent reduction in the value of a property because of the importance people attach to being able to make use of a fast internet service.

The study revealed that some estate agents have seen buyers back out of purchases when they have discovered superfast broadband is not available, with some putting it ahead of good local school options and strong transport links.

Also strong demand from mobile connections

Research from insurance comparison site Gocompare also revealed that mobile phone reception is also seen as an attractive feature for buyers and renters because many people are opting not to spend out on landlords.

Ben Wilson from Gocompare said: "The important role technology plays in our everyday lives, from interaction on social media to online shopping, also shone through the survey with access to a good broadband connection and mobile phone signal making it into the top 20 must have home features."

"Good internet access is now seen by many as the fourth utility alongside mains gas, electricity and water," he added.

There may be little alternative but to wait for owners of properties that are not able to access fibre broadband as other options such as satellite internet connections are costly and often unreliable.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801731970-ADNFCR

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