23 Aug

The future's Bright-on

The future's Bright-on

If you're after a lively, bubbly seaside town surrounded by stunning landscape as the ideal location for your home then the Sussex city of Brighton could be right up your street.

The south coast of England offers some sublime beauty spots but Brighton has to be one of the best. The seaside city is enjoyed year-round by residents and tourists alike, with tourist numbers obviously peaking in the hot summer months.

It's not just the ocean views and shimmering sea that makes Brighton such a popular place. There are also pristine beaches, fabulous seafood cuisine, the Brighton sea life centre and numerous parks and green spaces.

Just a short drive out of Brighton there is a plethora of fun activities and interesting places to visit. The Old Market in Hove is always worth a visit thanks to its dynamic arts and performance workshops while there are also a number of ocean sports centres along the coast.

This means that should you be looking for property for sale in Brighton then you will never be short on things to do. You also won't be short on solid road links either. The city is well connected to a number of cities including the capital, Southampton and further west towards Bristol.

The city and the surrounding towns of Sussex all offer wide ranging rail services mainly carried out by southern rail. From this you can connect to surrounding towns and villages while also being able to reach London quickly for connections.

In the words of Brighton's tourist office: "From iconic Brighton tourist attractions to beachfront cool, Brighton is a treasure trove of things to do and places to go. Vibrant, colourful, fun and free, Brighton offers the energy of the city and freedom of the sea. It really is unique."

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