9 Mar

Thames view property 'holds value better'

Thames view property 'holds value better'

Property overlooking the river Thames in London may hold its value better than homes elsewhere, an expert has suggested.

Director of riverside real estate website London River Properties Tania Wade said such homes hold a lot of appeal because they can offer a "view and vision of space over the water which is so often hard to find in the centre of a bustling metropolis".

Such properties also have "calming" attributes because of the presence of water, while many of them offer "innovative and exciting" architectural features, having been converted into living space from other purposes.

She suggested the "limited" amount of land in the capital with a river view, combined with increasing demand for these homes, could help such residences to retain their value better than other properties.

According to the latest Land Registry figures, the average London house price fell by 0.1 per cent in January to £306,183.

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