24 Jun

TCPA calls for public enquiry into eco-town proposals

TCPA calls for public enquiry into eco-town proposals

The Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has called for full public enquiries to be held into any eco-town proposals, provided they are not already allocated in a Development Plan.

Speaking for the organisation, chief executive Gideon Amos stated that it is important that "key safeguards" are in place to ensure new eco-towns meet "the highest standards".

While he acknowledged that local authority-led development plans are "painfully slow", Mr Amos said they are still the best way to undertake development.

He suggested that the government's decision to bypass this process "has raised concerns" about the meritocracy of the system.

"Due process, therefore is now vital to the eco-towns programme and the TCPA's call is for full public local inquiries to give transparency, fairness and proper scrutiny," Mr Amos concluded.

The association's comments follow a recent forum in which the fifteen experts on the Eco-towns Challenge Panel set out a series of recommendations for potential eco-town developers.

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