27 Aug

Survey shows consumers prefer green homes

Survey shows consumers prefer green homes

More than half of Britons would willingly pay extra for an eco-friendly, energy-efficient home, new research has revealed.

A study by the Energy Savings Trust (EST) has shown that half of householders believe such homes are easier to sell and 53 per cent would pay more for a dwelling with green attributes.

On average, people would stump up £3,350 extra for a greener home.

Reacting to the survey, EST chief executive Philip Sellwood said: "In the current economic climate, it makes sense to ensure that the running costs of the home you are living in or buying are as low as possible," adding that there are also benefits for the environment from such an approach.

The Joseph Rowntree Trust has set about bringing its vision of a model village full of greener homes to life after getting planning permission for two prototype residences, which it hopes will be a precursor to an eventual settlement of 540 such dwellings.

These will be built in the village of Derwenthorpe near York, 24dash reports.

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