29 Oct

Survey reveals what tenants think of landlords

Survey reveals what tenants think of landlords

In the midst of rising house prices and the recovering property market, Upad have released data regarding what tenants think about their landlords.

Covering 720 tenants overall, the survey focuses on what qualities renters believe a good landlord should have. The data also reflects what some people believe makes a bad landlord. For letting agents who regularly deal with landlords, these statistics may provide an interesting insight into what tenants think.

Results from the survey showed that being easily contactable is an important feature for any landlord. Around 95 per cent of participants said this was ‘essential’. Landlords who consult tenants over repair times in a property were also popular, with 89 per cent of respondents deeming this important.

Only 37 per cent expected landlords to give the proper notice required before entering a property - which is 24 hours written notice.

Behaviour tenants were keen to avoid included landlords who charge excessive repair fees and property owners who treat tenants like a source of income and not a real person.


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