19 Jan

Survey reveals ideal tenant

Survey reveals ideal tenant

The ideal tenant would be a female medical professional aged between 36 and 45, living in London and with a salary between £20,000 and £30,000, a new poll has found.

Such a demographic emerged from a study by Halifax of over 1,000 landlords, something that may interest property investors.

The findings of the survey showed that 77 per cent would prefer to have a female tenant, while 67 per cent would rather to let their properties to over-25s.

A third said they would be happy to let to someone on a £20-30,000 income, 34 per cent favoured the idea of having a doctor or nurse letting and a quarter stated they would most like someone from London.

Those seeking to make their properties more attractive to tenants should think creatively and offer incentives to make their homes stand out, buy-to-let mortgages firm Clarity Commercial suggested recently.

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