8 Sep

Students 'must ensure their deposit is protected'

Students 'must ensure their deposit is protected'

As students across the nation return to university, so the prospect of finding accommodation rears its head, eager to devour even the most worldly-wise young academic.

Malcolm Harrison, a spokesman for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme who specialises in property rental, letting and purchase, said that problems emerge most frequently because students are careless with their deposit money rather than vulnerable to corrupt landlords.

His comments follow the publication of proposals from Communities and Local Government, which would see tenants entitled to stay in a property for two months after the house is repossessed if the landlord fails to inform their lender that they are letting out the property.

"The big warning to students is to make sure that their deposit is protected," stated Mr Harrison.

"The other big warning for students is that they will probably sign a tenancy agreement that will make them jointly responsible," he added.

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