16 Dec

Stadium plan to spur building of 500 apartments

Stadium plan to spur building of 500 apartments

A new football stadium project in north London will include the creation of 500 apartments, it has been revealed.

Fresh details of the plans to expand Tottenham Hotspur's existing White Hart Lane home into a larger stadium with additional shops, homes and community facilities were unveiled yesterday.

These showed that the apartments will be located at the southern end of the venue, homes that may offer property investors new opportunities to add to their portfolios.

Tottenham's blueprint is not the only new stadium plan that will involve the building of new homes.

Earlier this year FA Cup winners Portsmouth announced a proposal to relocate to a new stadium in the north of the city, with apartments making up part of the site.

In addition to this, the club's existing home of Fratton Park would be transformed into 750 new homes under the scheme.

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