15 May

Seaside living in the south of Wales

Seaside living in the south of Wales

With the news this week coming from the Halifax that towns located in seaside towns around England and Wales have increased in value by an average of 97 per cent over the course of the last decade, it may soon be the case that there are a higher number of people looking to make these sorts of towns their new residence as well as an investment for the future.

One town which may see an influx of interest for this very reason can be found by those who are casting their eye over property for sale in Barry. The town is located in the county of Glamorgan in the south of Wales, very near to Cardiff, which makes it perfect for those who want to live in a quiet community with a chance to travel to the city for work.

The seaside resort is known as the fifth largest settlement in Wales. However, having just 48,000 or so residents means that it is not likely to ever be too busy, and will be a great place to bring the family to grow up.

Some of the best features of Barry include its historical and natural sights that many newcomers may wish to visit and see.

The view from the coast at Barry can make quite a sight to see, as on a sunny day, there can be a fine view of the Bristol Channel to be seen.

Meanwhile, history buffs may enjoy a trip to places such as Barry Castle in order to learn about the way that the south of Wales was long ago.

If moving with the family, one of the main attractions of the area may be Barry Island. The pleasure beach is located just off the town itself, and welcomes many visitors every year. For parents looking to keep bored kids from getting into mischief through the long summer holidays, this can be the perfect setting to help keep them busy at all times.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801363827-ADNFCR

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