17 Jul

Scottish property market remains resilient

Scottish property market remains resilient

Although house prices may be falling across much of the UK, the Scottish property market remains strong, according to a new survey.

Propertyfinder.com polled 3,500 consumers across Britain and found that Scottish buyers and sellers were the most positive about house values.

Overall, Scots expect prices to fall by three per cent over the next year, compared to a predicted drop of five per cent for those in the rest of the UK.

Estate agents were also more confident north of the border, with 59 per cent of those polled saying they did not expect the see the same level of house price falls as the rest of the country.

Director of the website Nick Leeming said: "Scotland has proved resilient in the face of the global credit crunch so far, with house price growth slowing but not showing the same decline as the rest of the UK."

Nationwide's data showed that property prices across Britain fell by an average of 0.9 per cent last month, with Scotland outperforming other areas.

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