29 May

Safety 'a top priority' for homeowners

Safety 'a top priority' for homeowners

Residents of different areas in the UK cite safety as one of their top concerns when choosing somewhere to live.

This is a factor that contributes to homeowners and tenants feeling proud about their respective regions, according to the latest Halifax Home Insurance survey.

Other elements which evoke feelings of pride in places of residence are close proximity to family and easy access to amenities, the research said.

Halifax Home Insurance indicated that - using these criteria - people living in the north-east of England were more proud about their region than those living elsewhere.

Residents of Wales and Northern Ireland were also said to be particularly proud of their areas.

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, said: "Not only is safety in an area a top reason for feeling regional pride, it is also [a high] priority for most people when deciding where to live."

And much like comments from financial search engine Tescocompare.com earlier this week, he called on people to ensure they have home insurance to boost this feeling of security.

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