1 Oct

Rural property bucks downturn in market

Rural property bucks downturn in market

The property market remains "buoyant" in rural areas of the UK despite the recent spate of financial turmoil, it has been claimed.

According to a spokesperson from John Clegg, a specialist chartered surveyors, the lack of supply of rural housing coupled with strong demand has meant that thus far the rural property market remains unaffected by the slowdown in global markets.

Moreover, these conditions make now good time to be considering selling a property, he added.

He said: "There is a shortage of stock and supply and there are plenty of purchases, so the market is quite strong.

"If you are a buyer, then you are having to pay more for things than you did a year or a few months ago.

"Land is a very safe investment. They are not making any more of it and people like to have something that is tangible, something they can enjoy."


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