10 Jul

Report calls for individual approach to city housing

Report calls for individual approach to city housing

A new report has called on the government to tailor new housing projects to the needs of individual cities.

The Centre for Cities study suggested that the target of building three million new homes by 2020 will only be met if the accurate assessments of local housing markets are made.

For example, it noted that cities such as Cambridge and Bristol have problems with affordability and supply, while Hull, Sunderland and others need to widen the range of private housing they offer.

Dermot Finch, director of the group, stated: "It's not enough to talk about the big three million target - politicians from both central and local government need to understand where in Britain's jigsaw of local economies new houses should be built."

Later this month property experts are due to meet in Somerset to discuss how to create affordable homes for young people in the south-west which is the currently the second most expensive area in the UK outside of London for first-time buyers, according to the Chartered Institute of Housing.

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