3 Sep

Regeneration areas good for investment, says expert

Regeneration areas good for investment, says expert

Those looking for the best places to buy property for investment purposes should look to locations where major regeneration projects are being undertaken, it has been suggested.

Andy Smith, Managing Director of 1st Asset, told organisers of this month's Property Investor Show that apart from the "super prime" market areas such as west London, where the wealth of buyers buffers them against the credit crunch, "places which are experiencing change or receiving investment" offer the best growth prospects.

Investors should look for those areas where growth is about to happen rather than go in after it has started and miss out on the best deals, he stated.

Places which have been attracting investment in recent times include east London due to the forthcoming 2012 Olympics, which will mainly be staged in the Stratford area.

An Adfero poll on the Games carried out in east London has found that 74 per cent believe this will be beneficial to the capital and the regeneration of the east of the city.

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