20 Jul

Recovery emerging from a "bleak climate"

Recovery emerging from a "bleak climate"

There are "green shoots" emerging in what has been a "bleak climate" for the housing market over the past few years, it has been claimed.

According to iammoving.com, the "deep-rooted fear" many people had about house prices over the next 12 months appears to be evaporating.

This means that instead of considering the current situation with regards to house prices in the UK as a "major problem", they are now viewed as a "slight problem", the website continues.

Jon Brown, partner relationship manager at iammoving.com, said that "like a coiled spring, desire for ownership will build into demand for ownership and eventually force government, developers and, particularly lenders, into more achievable actions".

Earlier this week, Communities and Local Government reported that the average price paid for a home by a first-time buyer was £137,013 in May.

This is compared to the same time last year, when the figure stood at £161,733.

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