27 May

Reasons for home improvement studied

Reasons for home improvement studied

The reasons why people undertake home improvement projects have been analysed in a new survey.

Improving the overall look and design of a property is the main reason for doing the work, according to the latest Halifax Home Improvement Survey.

A total of 44 per cent of homeowners develop their properties for this reason, while six per cent fewer people cite modernising and updating as the motivation behind their renovation.

Halifax's research comes after HSBC revealed that loft conversions and room extensions are the projects that will add the most value to a property for people looking to sell, but the more recent study indicated that redecorating is the UK's most popular in-home job.

Apparently 64 per cent of home improvers choose to restyle their properties by painting or putting up wallpaper. Changes to the garden were reportedly the second most popular home improvement job.

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