14 May

RICS explains the benefits of rental sector

RICS explains the benefits of rental sector

The positive aspects of the UK buy-to-let market have been highlighted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

With the government announcing plans to develop the sector in light of October's Rugg Review on private rented homes, the industry has come under heavy scrutiny this week.

In a statement, RICS suggested that rental properties provide a "flexible approach to housing", allowing people to take job opportunities around the country.

"Growth in the private rented sector must be encouraged to provide a choice of homes and as an alternative to owning a home," the organisation explained.

A range of property options is required in order for people to be able to "live in the appropriate property for their income and situation in life", it added.

Buy-to-let investors will be aware that the industry has witnessed fresh regulation of late, and RICS has called for any further government measures to be made quickly and to use existing legal framework where possible.

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