6 Jun

Quirky homes 'attract premium prices'

Quirky homes 'attract premium prices'

Unusual homes such as windmills and lighthouses can attract premium prices, according to an expert.

Jessica Clark of Unique Home Stays stated that, despite tumbling house prices across the country, the market for architecturally unusual properties remains healthy, albeit with a small turnover.

She said: "From our point of view, we haven't seen [a drop]. They've not been moving as much as much as other properties have. They're pretty much the same across the board at the moment."

Ms Clark added that one of the reasons owners of these houses can charge a premium is because the demand currently far outweighs supply.

In addition, owners are usually more willing to wait until the right buyer comes along with the right price.

Popular TV characters like windmill-residing detective Jonathan Creek may be fuelling the growing demand for unusual homes in the UK.

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