23 Jul

Property market 'becoming a place for buyers'

Property market 'becoming a place for buyers'

One industry expert has claimed that the property market is still a place for buyers rather than sellers.

Jane Marr, director at the Little House Company, made these comments despite the fact that house prices have risen five times so far this year.

She notes that many sellers do not want to risk loosing sales, so they are beginning to meet the demands of buyers who require value for money.

Ms Marr predicts that over the next few months, the market will continue to stabilise and significant house price increases will not be experienced for a while.

"I think we will now see increased activity until the end of September, then most home buyers become conscious that they will want to move before Christmas," she concludes.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has predicted that house prices in 2015 will be below those seen in 2008, after adjustments are made for inflation.

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