16 Sep

Property investments popular 'because people understand them'

Property investments popular 'because people understand them'

Many people still have faith in property investments because they put money into in what they understand, according to one expert.

Jason Butler, partner at Bloomsbury Financial Planning, which was founded in 1998, said that the housing market is a good thing to invest in, despite the drought taking place in the property sector at the moment.

His comments follow the publication of research by Scottish Widows, which reported that many people still consider housing to provide a better return on investment than any other asset class.

"People can rationalise themselves that there is always going to be a return in property. It's not that people are wrong, it's just that that's the way it is," stated Mr Butler.

This news comes despite claims from the Ernst and Young Item Club earlier this week that property prices will not recover to their autumn 2007 peak for at least another five years.

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