14 May

Property experts believe now is a good time to buy

Property experts believe now is a good time to buy

A panel of experts debating the future of the UK's property market have agreed that now is a good time to invest in property, but stressed the importance of having a financial safety net.

Speaking at The Property Investor and Homebuyer show, Jonty Crossick, chief executive of Ready2invest, suggested that as long as people "stick to the fundamentals", purchase below market value make sure the rental income measures up there is no reason not to purchase an investment property now.

Similarly Glenn Armstrong of G&A property stated there is "nothing to worry about" with regard to investing now, so long as the buyer has the safety net of around six months rental income to cover all eventualities.

However Alistair Dickens, managing director of ISIS, said: "Mortgages are very difficult for people to come by and we are finding that people are still selling and wanting to transact but we can't buck the market."

According to an accidentally leaked document, housing minister Caroline Flint believes house prices will fall by five or ten per cent this year at a minimum.

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