29 Jun

Property buyers advised to do their research

Property buyers advised to do their research

Doing some research on a property is one of the most important things for a buyer – whether they are new to the market or not – to do, it has been claimed.

Ducalian – a London property investment consultancy, claims that people must "do their homework" before committing to any deal on the property market.

Similarly, they should investigate the surrounding area and use the internet to compare the prices of other homes on the street or borough they are interested in.

The company offered further advice to potential buyers, saying that if they are currently in negative equity, they should sit it out as values will go up.

Timothy Lambert, head of consulting at Ducalian, said: "Values will not rise to the levels we saw at the top of the market a few years ago, ever again but homeowners need to add value wherever possible."

A publication from the Council of Mortgage Lenders has revealed that around 900,000 homeowners in the UK are currently in negative equity.

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