16 Sep

Property and shares 'work together'

Property and shares 'work together'

Britons who believe in property investments ought to have faith in shares by definition - because one doesn't work without the other, one property commentator has asserted.

Jason Butler, partner at Bloomsbury Financial Planning, advised people to invest in several asset classes because "you don't back one horse".

His comments follow the release of a report by Scottish Widows, which revealed that 48 per cent of people believe property investments will withstand the economic downturn, compared to last year's figure of 28 per cent.

"Although we all need somewhere to live, if you are living or investing in property, then you need to use products and services from the wider economy," stated Mr Butler.

This news comes after the Ernst and Young Item Club claimed this week that prices are likely to stagnate for the next two years, before gradually picking up again from 2011 as the wider economy strengthens and credit conditions ease.

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