10 Mar

People 'keen to buy property as investments'

People 'keen to buy property as investments'

Many consumers in the UK now see property as a good thing to invest in, according to one expert.

Commenting on the issue, Keith Churchouse, director of Churchouse Family Planning, said that people believe homes and buy-to-let residences will help to fund their retirement years.

His remarks follow the release of figures gathered by the National Association of Pension Funds, which found that only 34 per cent of individuals polled were confident that their pensions will leave them with enough money for life after work.

It was also found that 18 per cent of respondents believed property, potentially including luxury homes in Kent, was the best retirement investment.

Mr Churchouse suggested that, as a result of flagging confidence in work savings, more Britons are being encouraged to put money into other things.

He said: "There are many [consumers who] are not very happy about that and so many people have switched to things like buy-to-lets ... where at least they can see bricks and mortar."

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