1 Jun

One in three consumers 'wait until marriage to buy a home'

One in three consumers 'wait until marriage to buy a home'

Many consumers in the UK wait until they are married before they make their first step onto the property ladder, it has been suggested.

According to new research by Santander Mortgages, over the last five years, 29 per cent of all first-time buyers have waited to tie the knot before getting an abode.

This equates to around 716,400 individuals, the firm went on to note.

Despite this, around 37 per cent of people who have gone through the conveyancing process over the course of this time have done so alone.

This is an increase compared with figures noted before the 1980s, when one in ten first-time buyers bought by themselves.

By the 1990s, this had gone up to 32 per cent and the proportion has continued to rise to the present day.

Recently, Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation, suggested that more properties should be constructed in Britain to help those looking to buy homes.

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