24 Feb

One in six private renters 'expect to buy properties in UK'

One in six private renters 'expect to buy properties in UK'

Almost one in six private renters in the UK expect to be able to purchase a home at some point, it has been revealed.

New figures from Communities and Local Government suggest that 59 per cent of such people are of this belief.

This is higher than the 27 per cent recorded among social renters.

In its latest English Housing Survey, the organisation - which strives to build more homes and improve local public services, among other things - also showed that couples with no dependent children were the most common type of household and the most prevalent kind of property owners.

According to chief economist at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Simon Rubinsohn, housing supply in the UK will have to rise in coming years if the demand from consumers is to be met.

Currently, there are too few properties available and this is a situation which is likely to pertain for some time, he added.

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