26 Feb

Nurture tenant links, landlords advised

Nurture tenant links, landlords advised

Having a good relationship with tenants is important for landlords in order to help them deal swiftly when problems arise, it has been stated.

Head of communications at the National Landlords Association (NLA) Simon Gordon remarked: "The primary advice is probably to have a good relationship with your tenants from the start."

This way, he stated, any difficulties arising for either the tenant or landlords can be dealt with as "you are already in communication, you have a good relationship and you can talk".

Such a situation could help landlords as they would know about situations such as a tenant becoming unemployed and seeking to claim housing benefit, while a landlord may similarly keep tenants advised of any problems they may have.

Figures from the NLA have shown that it took over 30,000 calls on its advice line in the past 12 months.

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