18 May

Now is best time to buy home, says expert

Now is best time to buy home, says expert

Now is a good time for people to buy a home, according to a UK-based property expert.

Those who have a "healthy deposit" and the right credit should find it is the "best time" to purchase bricks and mortar since the 1990s.

At least these are the opinions of Timothy Lambert, sales and marketing manager at property consultancy Ducalian.

He also warned that a ten per cent deposit is unlikely to be enough for a mortgage, unlike in the past. "First-time buyers will need to save around 25 per cent," Mr Lambert explained.

Other surveys in recent weeks have suggested that the current cost of housing makes it an ideal time for those looking for their first home.

Earlier this month, Halifax reported that property is at its most affordable level for first-time buyers since the start of 2003.

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