19 Apr

Now is a 'good time' to buy property

Now is a 'good time' to buy property

Current market conditions represent a good opportunity for those seeking to purchase property in the UK.

This is according to Timothy Lambert, head of consulting at Ducalian, who said that although prices are not likely to "shoot up" in the near future, they will increase.

The expert also noted that location, value and track record are all factors that should be taken into account when consumers are deciding which homes they want to buy.

He added: "It is certainly not a bad time to buy a house so long as buyers do not stretch themselves financially."

Mr Lambert went on to state that while a variable-rate mortgage may be cheap now, it will not stay that way indefinitely.

His comments follow the release of figures by the National Association of Estate Agents, which showed that the number of sales agreed per branch rose from an average of 6.8 in February to eight in March.

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