14 Sep

'No one will use' home energy services they can't understand

'No one will use' home energy services they can't understand

While home energy services could provide a way of achieving goals such as the 10:10 scheme, no one will use them if they cannot understand them, one property expert has asserted.

Geoff Manaugh, an architect and futurist commentator, said that the only technological hurdle standing in the way of energy monitoring systems going mass-market is that homeowners will "need the ability to monitor flows of energy and power in a highly accurate, standardised manner".

His comments follow the news that an IBM engineer has developed a system which allows him to remotely control a house's lighting, heating and water system[s] and uses sensors and Twitter to provide him with information about his power and water usage.

"Cost is the most important barrier to nationwide implementation, followed quite closely by interface design," stated Mr Manaugh.

He added that the energy monitoring technology that is already available to consumers enables homeowners to create something very specific for their households.


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