18 Dec

NHL calls for more family-sized affordable homes

NHL calls for more family-sized affordable homes

The government must build more affordable family-sized homes or see an exodus of families away from cities, it has been claimed.

According to the National Housing Federation (NHL), more than half of houses being developed in the UK are flats and maisonettes.

While these are suitable for first time buyers and single people, they are not apt for families, a spokesperson for the NHL said.

"Flats are a lot cheaper to develop which is why a lot of the new homes being built tend to be blocks of flats, particularly in London but this is something that needs to change because we are seeing a lot of flats being built where there is a real need for family sized accommodation," he explained.

In the event that there is no drive to produce more affordable three-to-four bedroom homes, the effect will be deleterious on families' quality of life, he added.

"People have to move further and further out to be able to find good quality and affordable accommodation."

"This isn't good for families because the time spent travelling to work could be spent with their families."

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