20 Aug

Move from owning to renting is 'the pre-eminent trend'

Move from owning to renting is 'the pre-eminent trend'

The most notable trend among home movers is to rent out their existing home rather than selling it, while themselves becoming tenants rather than buying another house, it has been stated.

Simon Preston, chairman of postal address changing service iammoving.com, said this is a very notable trend that has recently emerged, stating: "People are shifting from owner-occupying to renting and people who would otherwise have been selling their home are renting it out and then moving to other rented accommodation."

He added that this trend is not geographically limited to the major cities and is occurring all over the country.

Mr Preston said this was a very evident feature of the market, although he was less sure about suggestions that people are moving out from cities to commuter towns.

Such a trend has been suggested by removals service MoveMe.com, which found in a survey that commuter towns in the south were the most favoured destinations and the ten least popular locations were in Greater London.

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