3 Jul

More tenants 'buying their home from their landlord'

More tenants 'buying their home from their landlord'

Instead of facing the hassle of finding a new home and relocating, many people are choosing to purchase their rented property from their landlord, it has been reported.

This could be the perfect option for people new to the housing market as well as those who have moved to a new area and want to test the water before making a purchase.

Also, a rising number of 'accidental landlords' is contributing to the situation, the Times reports.

These are people who are only letting out their property because they could not sell it.

David Stang, 36, who lives in Putney, is one new homeowner who bought his flat from his landlord.

"One of the biggest stresses of moving house is boxing everything up. If you're in the same place, there's absolutely no upheaval."

In related news, Assetz has claimed that "green shoots of recovery" are emerging in the buy-to-let housing market.

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