24 Jul

Minister reveals tough green standards for eco-towns

Minister reveals tough green standards for eco-towns

Tough standards for green eco-towns have been revealed by housing minister Caroline Flint.

Included in the proposals is an allocation of 40 per cent of land within a town to be reserved for a green space.

Also, each house should be within a ten minute walk of public transport and more options should be provided to allow residents to take alternative green methods of transportation such as walking and cycling.

A zero carbon status should be implemented in all buildings with towns, including residential and commercial properties.

Ms Flint said: "Given that housing contributes 27 per cent of our carbon emissions we must also take this opportunity to trial new ways of tackling climate change."

Ten possible locations for eco-towns will be put forward in 2009.

Planning and housing charity the Town and Country Planning Association said it welcomed Ms Flint's report.

It added that having 40 per cent dedicated to green spaces will help to reduce the risk of urban flooding and having parks will help to keep summer temperatures cool.

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