12 Sep

Make Liverpool an eco town, says EHA

Make Liverpool an eco town, says EHA

The Empty Homes Agency (EHA) has issued a call for Liverpool to become an 'eco town'.

In news that could interest first-time buyers in the city, it has called for the 14,825 empty homes in the city to be brought back into use, arguing that this is the simplest and most environmentally efficient way to supply new homes and is a better way to do so than building stand-alone eco towns.

EHA chief executive David Ireland said: "Cities like Liverpool have huge potential for recycling their housing stock. I would far rather see resources channelled into regenerating homes there than building new towns in the countryside."

Such a move could also help redevelopment in the city, boosting prices overall.

A recent study by Halifax found that house prices in Liverpool rose by 76 per cent in the five years after it was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture 2008.

This compared with a 69 per cent rise for the whole north-west region over the same period.

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