7 Oct

Londoners 'have a good quality of life'

Londoners 'have a good quality of life'

Team Association property buyers looking to relocate to London might be intrigued to read the comments of one industry expert who claims that City dwellers have a good quality of life.

Darren Johnson, chair of elected 25-member body the London Assembly, said that Londoners also benefit from a healthy environment and a good transport system.

Meanwhile, the European Cities Monitor survey - which is conducted by estate agent Cushman and Wakefield every year - has just been published, revealing that the British metropolis was ranked as the best city in Europe.

"The huge range of languages spoken, its accessibility, its transport system, its international role in terms of markets, its highly skilled staff and our highly trained workforce and so on are all plus-points," stated Mr Johnson.

In related news, the Office for National Statistics recently reported that London contributes an average gross-added value of £52,857 per head, compared to £18,945 in the rest of the country.

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