9 Oct

Loft conversions 'send value through the roof'

Loft conversions 'send value through the roof'

A well executed loft conversion will always add value to a property, it has been claimed.

According to a spokesperson for Econoloft, loft conversions are so desirable to buyers that they are more sought after than conservatories.

He said: "Providing it has been done to comply with building regulations and it is a nice conversion, it will always add value to the property.

"With house prices in the south, for the price of moving you can have a loft conversion and you are one rung up the ladder without having to move the children, change schools or disrupt the household.

"When you do come to move you have a more expensive property to sell."

However, homeowners should be wary of employing cowboy builders, since a "cobbled together" conversion "will detract value from the property," the spokesman warned.

Research published by the Nationwide building society in May 2006 stated that, adding a loft conversion to a property can typically add 20.9 per cent to the value of a property.


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