2 Oct

Landlords urged to provide accurate inventories

Landlords urged to provide accurate inventories

UK landlords need to accurately record the condition of their property at the beginning of a new tenancy, a report by the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) has revealed.

The research suggests that some landlords are leaving themselves unprotected in redecoration disputes as a result of inventories that are not specific enough.

If there is any arguement over redecoration, the adjudicator will first consult the landlord's inventory to get an idea of the state of the original interior.

According to the AIIC, it is generally a landlord's responsibility to redecorate a property or a room with in it. However, an agreement is often reached where the tenant is given permission to do this themselves. 

In these cases, disputes can occur when small details, such as what is meant by a  ‘neutral’ colour, are not agreed upon.

In these situations the AIIC states that landlords who grant tenant's permission to redecorate should also include a clause stating their own right to return the room back to its original state if the proper colours are not used.



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