17 Jun

Landlords offered guidance on CRC scheme

Landlords offered guidance on CRC scheme

Many landlords in the UK will be affected by a new environmentally-friendly scheme that comes into effect next April, and they have been advised to take notice of a recently published British Property Federation (BHF) guide.

The BPF publication, which was produced by a number of organisations across different sectors and is backed by the government, provides property owners with information about how the so-called carbon reduction commitment (CRC) will impact upon them.

Under the terms of the scheme, public sector companies will be charged depending on the amount of carbon they use. Landlords with commercial premises will also have to follow the guidelines.

Included in the new booklet are key steps for landlords and tenants to consider and advice on how costs should be apportioned between the two parties.

Joan Ruddock, energy and climate change minister, said: "I welcome the property sector's involvement with the development of CRC and commend this very helpful guide, addressing the needs of both landlords and tenants."

Last month, those who rent our property were told via an announcement from the Communities and Local Government department that plans are in progress to create a landlord register to monitor the industry.

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