20 May

Landlords 'getting mortgage finance more easily'

Landlords 'getting mortgage finance more easily'

Landlords in the UK are finding it easier to secure mortgage finance now than they have done over the last few years.

This is according to Chris Horne, editor at Property Hawk, who said that in terms of getting new finance, buy-to-let investors are in an "improving position."

He added: "Generally, with the stabilisation of the housing market, landlords are feeling reasonably confident."

His comments follow the release of research conducted by the National Landlords Association, which showed that 57 per cent of such property owners recently polled believed the next three months will be positive for their businesses.

However, Mr Horne went on to note that the government's pledge to raise capital gains tax may deter new landlords from entering the market.

"I think it may well put off some new investors because they will see the potential headline tax rate and perhaps not realise that there are ways of reducing your tax burden when you sell."

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