9 Aug

Landlords could be discriminating over gender

Landlords could be discriminating over gender

Now that the price of rent on a monthly basis is almost hitting record prices once again, landlords in the UK are becoming scrutinising more over who they will lend to.

However, despite this, potential tenants may be surprised to find that many are differentiating and deciding between genders as an important concern when choosing who to lend their buy-to-let properties to.

A study from Upad has discovered that 57.4 per cent of landlords are deciding that they either want males or females for a multitude of reasons.

These can include the fact that men are better at DIY tasks and more likely to fix things themselves than ask their landlord to do it, while women are cleaner and far less likely to leave a property dirty.

James Davis, chief executive officer of Upad, said: "Based on our findings it seems that the majority of landlords have a gender preference with the typical typecasts of men being good at general maintenance and women being clean and tidy still very much in association."

However, he also added that couples tend to be preferred over both, because they offer a far more well rounded approach to borrowing.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801425614-ADNFCR

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