12 Jun

Landlords advised to see buy-to-let as long-term investment

Landlords advised to see buy-to-let as long-term investment

Landlords in the UK should view any investment they make in the buy-to-let market over the long term, it has been suggested.

According to Chris Horne, editor of Property Hawk website, there is no great cause for concern if this form of investment has not resulted in high capital returns over a shorter time-span.

"Really a landlord should be looking at the investment over a 15 to 20-year period and that is when they can measure whether the investment has paid off or not," he explained.

Mr Horne also suggested positive news for landlords in that "rental profits are actually up 500 per cent over the last couple of years" when assessed in conjunction with the low interest rate set by the Bank of England's monetary policy committee.

Another benefit of the low interest rate, remarked upon by Fish4property marketing director Lisa Walker last month, is the fact that it has not forced a high number of people into quick property sales to avoid repossessions.

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